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Gujarat Power Corporation Limited has taken initiative for sustainable progress in solar power generation by establishing 5 MW capacity Solar Power Plant at Gujarat Solar Park, village Charanka, District Patan in Gujarat. This 5MW grid-connected Multi crystalline photovoltaic power plant has being developed in approx 2,024 hectare of government waste land and has capacity to generate 7.75 million units of electricity generation in favorable conditions. Corporation has used the state of the art technology considering the Indian conditions. The project is fully commissioned and operational.


GPCL has also set-up a 6 MW (1.5 MW x 4) and 6.3 (2.1 MW X 3) Wind Mill Project at Shikarpur site and Jamanwada Site, in Dist Kutch. The project has being commissioned by Dec, 2010-11 and Dec, 2011-12 respectively

Concept of Hybridization : unique experiment

As part of the Innovation GPCL has also brought Concept of Hybridization were Wind Mills are installed along with Solar project to improve the utilisation factor of Power Evacuation System. GPCL has set-up a 4.2MW (2.1 MW X 2) Wind Mills at Gujarat Solar Park successfully under this concept.


Gujarat Power Corporation Limited has taken initiative to encourage public participation for generation and utilization of Green Energy source like Solar energy by establishing and generating Solar Power by setting up grid interactive roof top Solar Photovoltaic system at individual houses. This initiatives is called "ROOFTOP SOLAR - GUJARAT Programme". It will be initially implemented in Gandhinagar. GPCL is acting as Project Implementing Agency for this programme. The project size of Gandhinagar Rooftop Solar Programme is 5 MW. This project will be commissioned in March 2012. Further, GPCL has also planned to proliferate in five major cites of Gujarat viz Vadodara, Surat, Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Mehsana.


As a part of Government of Gujarat's Clean Climate initiatives ,Gujarat Power Corporation Limited is also participating in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for which GPCL has already in process to earn certificate of emission reduction. GPCL's One Solar Power project and Two Wind Power project is are under process as CDM Projects.


GPCL has taken another initiative is starting Power generation from Non-Conventional Source like Geothermal, GPCL has initiated the process of identification of the potential sites for geothermal based energy generation.

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Gujarat Solar Rooftop Programme