Wind Projects (On- shore & Off-shore)

The state of Gujarat is blessed with a long coast line of 1600 km where the wind speeds are adequate for conversion in to electrical energy. Similarly certain inland hilly areas have potential wind speed for the same. In terms of power application, the state of Gujarat has a gross potential of 7362 MW of wind power generation. For the purpose of mechanical applications where the wind speed required is much less than that required for the power application, the land area in open fields throughout the state, with no obstructions over a specified distance is sustainable for installations of windmills for mechanical applications.

Wind Projects

20.70 MW Wind Mill Power Project

GPCL has already set up total capacity of 20.70 MW wind mill power projects in various locations of Gujarat. GPCL has also planned aid another On-shore wind mill project.

Off-shore Wind Mill power Project

GPCL is committed to explore new renewable energy sources under Clean Climate Initiatives. Therefore, preliminary activities are started to explore Off-shore wind mill projects installation in consultation with Central Government.

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