Tidal Projects

Based on the study carried out, government of Gujarat decided entered into an MoU with M/s. Atlantis Resources (Gujarat Tidal) Pte limited (Joint venture of GPCL, Atlantis &PMES) for carrying out further studies and implementing a 50 MW Pilot Tidal based power project at Gulf of Kutchha at Mandvi and 200 MW Tidal based power project any where in Gujarat during VGGIS-2011.

Tidal Projects
Tidal Projects

In pursuance to government directives, the following clearances obtained and studies carried out/ in progress by Joint venture of GPCL, Atlantis and PMES i.e. Atlantis Resources (Gujarat Tidal) Pte limited and GPCL :

  1. Obtained NoC from Commissioner of Fisheries vide letter no: GM / DRChh / 6 / GPCL / 20 /2010-11/4478 dated 09-03-2011.
  2. Obtained NoC from Gujarat maritime Board vide letter no : GMB/N/PVT/1013/49 dated 18-04-2011.
  3. Obtained approval for evacuating power from Koday station for 50MW vide letter no: MD/SE(CP&SS)/ System/181/78 dated 7-03-2011.
  4. Completed Satellite map delineating the HTL line from BISAG, indicating the location of 66 KVA High Tension line passing through the Mandvi beach on 29-04-2011.
  5. Completed Measurement of tidal velocity for determining the Capacity factor for the turbines is completed by M/s. Haskoning India Pvt. Limited.
  6. Obtained consent from Coast Guard is also obtained on 16-11-2011.
  7. Obtained Permission from GMB for carrying out oceanographic surveying and EIA report vide letter no : GMB/N/PVT/1013/601 dated 17-11-2011.
  8. Completed CRZ mapping through ISRO. Applied for CRZ clearance to Department of Environment and Forest (DoEF) on 7-05-2011.
  9. Completed Rapid EIA/EMP report through National Institute of Oceanography (NIO). The Second seasons data are also collected by NIO and Comprehensive report is in preparation.
  10. Completed FEED (Designing, developing and procuring the reference turbine, Cost computation, financial model for K-50 and K-200 Foundation support design and procurement)
  11. Completed Concept design (Oceanographic survey, tide velocity and flow modeling)
  12. detailed design (Geo-technical survey, Oceanographic survey, tide velocity and flow modeling, Specification and laying down the subsea cable, Design and procurement of power electronics)
  13. Carrying out final testing of the turbine at the Narec test facility in the UK
  14. Completed Acoustic survey for EIA/EMP report etc.
  15. Government of Gujarat have sanctioned Rs. 70 crores as financial assistance for the project.
  16. Recently, the Government of Gujarat has given the advance possession to the Corporation for government land admeasuring to 15 hectares. The Corporation will carry out survey and necessary geo- technical survey as well as erection of compound wall in the current year
  17. The Forest and Environment Department, Government of Gujarat has forwarded its recommendations to Forest and Environment Department, Government of India for this project.
  18. M/s. Atlantis has carried out the work for necessary financial data and financial details for feed in tariff for this project. The work pertaining to tariff petition is going on before Gujarat State Regulatory Commission.
  19. CRZ Committee has decided to recommend the project for CRZ clearance in its meeting held on 21-11-2013.

Overseas Acquisition of Coal Mines:

To cater the need of fuel requirement for the power projects nominated by Energy and Petrochemicals Department 5MMT/year capacity of coal mines is required to be acquired. M/s. KPMG has been appointed as a consultant to evaluate and do due diligence for the above work.

GoG has allocated Rs. 10 Crores as financial assistance for acquiring coal mines and gas reserves overseas. A Committee comprising of Principal Secretary, EPD (Chairman of the Committee), Principal Secretary, FD (Member), Managing Director, GSPC (Member), Managing Director, GUVNL (Member) , Managing Director, GSEC (Member) and General Manager, GPCL (Member Secretary) has been constituted.

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