Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) incorporated on 28th day of June 1990 under the Companies Act, 1956, is a State Government Company promoted by the Government of Gujarat. The Company is primarily engaged in the business of renewable energy through various sources and has been playing the role of developer and catalyzer in the energy sector in the state.

GPCL identifies the power projects based on various fuels, prepares techno-economic feasibility reports for such power projects, identifies suitable private joint sector parties and implements these jointly with the selected parties. After the power project is identified, GPCL obtains various statutory and non-statutory clearances to be obtained for implementation of the power project, such as, water and air pollution clearance, forest clearance, environmental and forest clearance, civil aviation clearance etc. It also pursues the formalities related to acquisition of land under the Land Acquisition Act and ties up the fuel linkages for the power project.

It has also been designated as Nodal Agency by the Government of Gujarat for development of Solar Park and other renewable projects.

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