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Expression of Interest for the Solar LED Streetlights
Help Desk - Rooftop Solar Gujarat
Invitation of bid for Empanelment of Exhibitor for F.Y. 2013
GPCL/PD/Charanka/O and M/13-14/01
Appointment of Consultant for Electric Vehicles and associated Solar Charging Facilites
Tender Document of Expression of Interest for Appointment of Wind Mill Consultant
Technical and Financial Quote for Working as Project Management Support
GPCL/GSP/O and M/Tel/2014-15/01
Tender for development of Internal Roads, Drainage Wok and Pipe Culvert at Solar Park,Patan
Tender for Extension of telecommunication Network to facilitate New Developers, at Solar Park, Pata
Tender No. GPCL/GSP/Add.Inf(02)/Elec/2014-15
Tender No : GPCL/GSP/Add.Inf(03)/Pipe/2014-15
Tender No. GPCL/PD/GSP/SEC/15-16/01
Tender for Consultancy Services of Water Pipeline
Tender No. GPCL/ENG Cons/2016-17
Tender No. GPCL/GSEV01/4july2016
Tender for VGGIS-17-Exhibition stall of GPCL
Tender No. GPCL/MINING/Ghogha-Surka Lignite Project/2016-17
Tender No : GPCL/500MW(GSP-2)/17/1
Invitation for Bids (E-Tendering)
Invitation for Bids (E-Tendering)
Gujarat Solar Park Charanka Water Supply System Project at Charanka village Santalpur Taluka of P
NIT of Tender 700MW Radhanesda Ultra Mega Solar Park - Water Supply System
Supply, Transportation and installation of 08 number of FRP potable Security cabins at various locat
Tender NO : GIL\GPCL O and M \2017
Bid for Preparation of PMC tender for 700 MW Radhnesada Ultra Mega Solar Park
Gujarat Solar Park- Civil Consultancy Work
Tender No : GPCL/700 MW/17/4
Inviting Tenders for Selection of Electrical Consultant for Solar Park at Charanka
એફઆરપી પોર્ટેબલ સિક્યોરીટી કેબીનની ખરીદી
Invitation of e-tender for PMC services for Water Supply System work for Proposed 700 MW Radhanesda
Tender ID : GPCL/PD/2018-19/03
Tender ID : GPCL/PD/2018-19/04
Ref : GPCL/PD/2018-19/05
ગુજરાત સોલાર પાર્ક-ચારણકા, તાલુકો:સાંતલપુર, જીલ્લો:પાટણમાં સિવિલના જુદાજુદા પરચુરણ કામો માટેનું ટેન્
Invition of Expression of Interest for Empanelment of Internal Auditors
ટેન્ડર નં. જીપીસીએલ/પીડી/૨૦૧૯-૨૦/૧૬
૭૦૦ મેં.વો. અલ્ટ્રા મેગા સોલર પાર્ક (UMSP)ગામ:રાઘાનેસડા, તાલુકો:વાવ,જીલ્લો:બનાસકાંઠા પ્રોજેક્ટની પેર
Tender id no. 389109
TENDER Document No. GPCL/ PD / 2019-20/21
Tender for Solarisation of Modhera Sun Temple and Town.
Tender for work of installation of Direction board and Notice Board for 700MW UMSPP Raghanesda Solar
Study and Report Document for 700 MW Dholera UMSP by GUVNL - Link for Site studies, location details
Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance with Replacement of Defective Materials of 5 MW (AC) Solar Pho
ગુજરાત સોલાર પાર્ક-ચારણકા ખાતે સુકા ઝાડી ઝાંખરા, ગાંડા બાવળો, કચરો દુર કરી સાફ કરી આ૫વા ટેન્ડર
ગુજરાત સોલાર પાર્ક-ચારણકા ખાતે પાણીની ખુલ્લીગટરો અને પાઇ૫ કલ્વર્ટ સાફ કરી આ૫વાના કામ ટેન્ડર
ગુજરાત સોલર પાર્ક-ચારણકા ખાતે જેસીબી અને મજૂર પૂરા પાડવા અંગેનું ટેન્ડર
Tender No: GPCL/PD/2020-21/02
Tender no : GPCL/PD/2020-21/06
E-tender of "Construction for Earthen Bund at Radhanesda Solar Park"
વોટર સપ્લાય સિસ્ટમના ઓપરેશન, મેઈન્ટેનન્સ, સિક્યુરિટી અને રીપેરીંગની કામગીરી માટેનું ટેન્ડર
ચારણકા ખાતે ટેલિકમ્યુનિકેશન સિસ્ટમ્સના ઓપરેશન મેઈન્ટેનન્સ સિકયુરીટી ટેન્ડરરિપેરીંગ
Construction of External & Internal Road with Pipe Culvert & Drain and River Training Work for 1000
ટેન્ડર નં.જીપીસીએલ / પીડી / ૨૦૨૧-૨૨ / ૦૧
Tender for Expansion of Solarisation of Modhera Sun Temple & Town
Tender Document No: GPCL/PD/2021-22/06
Construction Of Main Gate, Security Cabins And Underground Water Tanks At 700mw Grid Connected Solar
૭00 મેગાવોટની કામગીરી માટેનું ટેન્ડર
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Plot Allotment Policy
Revised Plot Allotment Policy w.e.f. 27/12/2010
5-MW Bid Qualification Criteria
Application form for plot in Gujarat solar park phase-I
CII Environmental Best Practices Awards 2012
EOI for Architect and PMC
Visitor Application Form for Solar Park
Tender for Expression of Interest
Advertisement for Appointment
One Day International Seminar - 1st February, 2014
Revised Plot Allotment Policy w.e.f. 01/04/2013
Application form for Plot Allotment in Gujarat Solar Park
Date and Time of Opening of Technical Bid
Advertisement for Appointing Company Secretary
Revised Plot Allotment Policy w.e.f. 24/04/2015
Advertisement for Recruitment of Company Secretary
Tender for Pipeline Consultancy
Tender for VGGIS-17-Exhibition stall of GPCL
In pursuance to the government directives and approval GPCL appointed PC Patel -Mahalaxmi- Simplex C
Application for the Gov. Waste land in Gujarat for setting up Wind/Solar/Wind-Solar Hybrid Park
Requirement of statutory man power on contractual basis for Ghogha Surka Lignite Mine of GPCL
ગુજરાત સોલાર પાર્ક-ચારણકા, તાલુકો:સાંતલપુર, જીલ્લો:પાટણમાં સિવિલના જુદાજુદા પરચુરણ કામો માટેનું ટેન્
Survey works for a minimum Period of Two (2) Years in any of GPCL’s Plot Area, Sites or Parks in and
Syllabi for online examination for various contractual posts required for Ghogha Surkha Lignite Mine
Advertisement for tender
Result of CBT Conducted on 22.04.2022 by GPCL for Various posts for GSLM, Bhavnagar
Final Result For The Post Of Assistant Manager
Advertisement for Sale of scrap GPCL -Electrical Vehicles
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