Solar Rooftop Project - Gujarat

Program of proliferation of Rooftop Solar Project in other Five Cities of Gujarat - Vadodara, Surat, Mehsana, Rajkot & Bhavnagar

1.1 About the Programme

After the success of the Gandhinagar Solar Rooftop Solar PV project in 2010-11, the Government of Gujarat (GoG) has decided to replicate and scale up the rooftop solar PV initiative across the state through the development of similar pilot projects across five large cities in the state, i.e.

  • Vadodara
  • Rajkot
  • Mehsana
  • Bhavnagar
  • Surat

The project shall use a model similar to that used in the case of Gandhinagar, i.e. a PPP based model which facilitates development of rooftop installations through investments in rooftop projects by private players. The private rooftop project developers shall be selected through a competitive process. These developers shall be responsible for takingthe rooftops from private individual residential, commercial and industrial rooftop owners on long term lease.

Private rooftop owners shall be invited to participate in the programme and earn an income from leasing out their rooftops to the private project developers. The benefit accruing from lease of rooftops is known as the green incentive

This is a grid connected programme, wherein Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Systems will be installed on rooftop and connected to electricity grid. Under this Project, the Government of Gujarat has targeted to set up PV installations on various types of rooftops aggregating to around 25 MW (i.e. 25,000 kilowatts) infive cities in Gujarat as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1 : Details of project and capacity addition

S. No City Discom Capacity addition (MW)
1 Bhavnagar PGVCL 3.5
2 Rajkot PGVCL 6.5
3 Mehsana UGVCL 5.0
4 Surat DGVCL 5.0
5 Vadodara MGVCL 5.0
Total 25.0

The interested bidders can apply for one of the following Packages


Table 2: Details of packages

S. No Package Cities Capacity (MW)
1 A Vadodara, Mehsana 10 (5 MW each)
2 B Rajkot, Bhavnagar 10
3 C Surat 5

The Government of Gujarat will, through transparent selection procedure, select the developer/s to install the SPV systems on building rooftops (buildings include Residential, Industrial, Commercial as well as Government/Public buildings; The selected Project Developer (s)) will also maintain and operate the SPV installations. Project developer/s will execute the Green Incentive Agreement with property owners, whose rooftop or terrace will be utilized for the SPV system. Rooftop owner will earn by way of Green Incentive.


1.2 Implementing structure


Figure 1: Implementation structure for the solar rooftop programme


1.3 International Competitive Bidding Process for selection of Developer :

1.3.1 Role of developers

In this programme, the developer is selected through a transparent competitive bidding process. The selected developer will finance, Install, Own,Operate and maintain SPV systems installed on owners roof tops. The energy generated from this system will be sold to Distribution Company by Project Developer. Distribution Company will pay duly approved tariff to Project developers. In turn, developers will pay a Green incentive for every unit generated from individual Roof top SPV system to Roof top Owners. Selected developers will execute the "Green Incentive and Lease Agreement” with individual property owners, whose rooftop or terrace will be utilized for the SPV system.


1.3.2 Programme detail

The programme would be implemented at a Pilot scale in the five selected cities of Bhavnagar, Mehsana, Rajkot, Surat and Vadodara. In the Solar Rooftop replication programme across five cities, a total of 25 MW capacity would be executed by the 3 selected developers, two of who will be installing a capacity of 10 MW each, while the remaining one will install a capacity of 5 MW. The requisite mix between the private residences and commercial buildings will be specified by the Government. Being a facilitator PIA (Project Implementing Agency) will initially identify the private rooftop owners who have expressed their interest to participate in programme. The basic necessary details will be collected by PIA. The selected developer has to subsequently scrutinize that data and select the potential (technically and legally viable) private owners. The draft terms of the rental/leasing/licensing arrangement for the Government/Public building roof tops are provided by the Government as part of the bidding documents. The draft terms are outlined the key rights and responsibilities of both the involved parties.


1.3.3 Bidding documents

The International Competitive bidding process for selection of Project Developers will be followed

The Gujarat Power Corporation Limited ("GPCL") hereinafter referred to as "Bid Process Coordinator” or "BPC"(which expression shall include its successors and permitted assigns),on behalf of Energy and Petrochemicals Department ("EPD"),Government of Gujarat and [Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited ("GUVNL") / Madhya Gujarat Vij Company Limited ,Dakshin Gujarat Vij Company Limited, Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited and Paschim Gujarat Vij Company Limited] , hereinafter referred to as ["Procurer"/"Procurers" (each a "Procurer")].

Now invites interested companies and/or Bidding Consortium and or any Consortium Member thereof ("Bidder") to purchase the Request for Proposal ("RFP") to participate in the bidding process for the selection of three Selected Bidder for development of each of the three Packages (as defined below) comprising of five rooftop grid connected solar photovoltaic projects (each a " Project ") and procurement by the Procurer(s) of power generated by such Project for twenty five years through tariff based competitive bidding process. The responsibility of each of the Selected Bidder(s) would be develop one of the three Packages in the cities set out below and supply power to the Procurer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the RFP Documents.

  • Package A: Two Projects having a nominal capacity of 5MW at Vadodara and 5MW at Mehsana.
  • Package B: Two Projects having a nominal capacity of 6.5MW at Rajkot and 3.5MW at Bhavnagar.
  • Package C: One Projects having a nominal capacity of 5MW at Surat.

The selected developers will execute the following Agreements with the respective stakeholders.

  • Project Implementation Agreement – This agreement will be executed with Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) which is project implementation agency for Solar Rooftop Programme.
  • Power Purchase Agreement – This agreement will be executed with the respective power distribution company in the city.
  • Green incentive & Lease Agreement – This agreement will be executed between the project developer and the roof top owner.


1.3.4 How to obtain bid documents :

The acess to bid document would be maid available on by signing Confidentiality agreement and by making payment of 20,000 ( Twenty thousand ) through Demand draft infavour of Gujarat Power Corporation Limited payable at Gandhinagar Gujarat.

Last date to avail access to bid document : 20th January, 2014


1.3.5 Chronology of Events Completed bidding process :

1 International Advertisement through various news papers to register as prosective bidders and access to various draft tender documents and agreements 28/09/2012
2 Training  & appraisal related to various tender documents and agreements to DISCOM engineers 8-9/11/2012
3 Pre-bid conference 3/12/2012
4 Site visit to all cities to all prospective developers 26 – 30/11/2012  
5 Finalisation of revised draft bid document and issued to all registered bidders 7/8/2013
6 Finalisation of draft tender documents and associated draft agreements and submission to GERC  approval of  GERC 30/08/2013
7  Hearings of GERC 12/11/2013&


1.3.6 Last date of Submission of Bids : 3rd February, 2014


Gujarat Solar Rooftop Project for 5 cities

  • New Registration for Access of iRoom is Closed.
    i.e. Sale of New RFP is closed
  • Extension of date for submission of Final Bid from : 3rd Feb 2014 to 20th Feb 2014.
  • Time of Submission : on or before 12:00 noon on 20th Feb 2014
  • Opening of Technical Bid : 3:00 pm Onward on 20th Feb 2014
  • Venue of Technical Bid Opening : Gujarat Power Corporation Limited
    6th Floor, Block no 8 , Udyog Bhavan,
    Sector -11- Gandhinagar
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